AerobicEdge - Adam Keen



NZ Certificate in Exercise Level 4

NZ Certificate in Exercise Level 5 


Favorite Protein - Steak 

Favorite Exercise Equipment - Kettlebell

Favorite Quote - "Strength is never a weakness, Weakness is never a strength" Mark Bell


My goal with AerobicEdge is to help as many people as I can be stronger, fitter and 

if they want faster! Whether you simply want to lead a more active life or are looking at

stepping up to your first Ultramarathon I can provide online programs to help you

achieve your goals. Using a combination of personal experience and formal education I 

can provide training to take you beyond what you believe is possible and more

importantly help you successfully complete your goals.  Personally I compete in 

Ultramarathons but also believe in staying strong through resistance training in the gym

which I do most days. I believe a combination of sports, exercise and other forms of

movement can keep you strong, injury free and fresh.    


Recent Race Results/Current Stats

2017 Great Naseby Water Race 100 Miles 18hours 14 2nd Overall.

2018 NorthBurn 100 Miles 26 hours 44 3rd Overall.

2019 Riverhead - Last Person Standing Event. 189km 28 Hours. 

2020 Riverhead - Last Person Standing 234.5KM 35 Hours